Friday, July 10, 2009


Lansing was the perfect fit for us as always, because even the audience includes your basic headbanger rockers that I'm comfortable with. I loved Ann Arbor because, in a good way, it's the land that time forgot. It's still all the great things I remember: streets packed with people walking around, everybody mingling, so alive, cosmopolitan, almost magical like San Francisco used to be. I thought this was just the coolest thing.

But I got my biggest deja vu flashback in Toronto. From onstage at the Bovine Sex Club, I looked out at an audience that reminded me of my own high school days. The girls all wore really, really short skirts and really, really high heels, an unfortunate shoe choice for those that were completely toasted.
--Mary DoG

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It’s been a couple of weeks since The DoGs went back east for our short Midwest Tour playing our home town Lansing and the Stooges home town Ann Arbor, Cleveland and of course Toronto at NXNE. Mary and Tony and myself felt totally free and totally humble getting the opportunity to play 5 shows in 6 days and coming back where it all started for The DoGs.

Lansing thoughts: It’s always great to go back home to see family and friends and reconnect with our roots of where we came from. After all these years to come back home and drive down the streets and see the parks where we played at free concerts it is a humbling experience.

The total non electric show acoustic show at The Record Lounge was great especially with my little 5 year old grand niece “Vada” checking me out to see if I was gonna be real or just another lame adult. Well I passed the test this time thank god! Many thanks to Sue , Gary, Michael and Brad Phelps, Randy Perez and Skott/Bermuda Porductions for making it happen with a lot of help from our friends.

Ann Arbor at The Blind Pig was a cool show lots of great people and bands we played with. We also met in the flesh the Tech Diva Kim Maki (RETROKIMMER) along with our Partner in Crime “Detroit Jack” from Future Now Records.

Cleveland: We stayed at our friends John and Kathy Thompson’s family’s 1970’s “Goodfellows styled PuNk RoCk Palace in Shaker Heights. The gig at the Beachland was high energy and met our rocking friends from the Australian the band “Muscle Car”

Lansing: Macs Bar: A hot and sticky Midwest thunderstorm night it was amazing that tons of old friend s and young and wild DoGs showed up and kicked out the jams. We had Ronnie Wood DoGs original bad boy come and close the show.

Toronto: NXNE The Bovine Sex Club: The Dogs first trip to Toronto and we loved the city and the people we got to hang with our cool Manager Mario Escovedo and Maren Parsul. The gig was wild and I know The DoGs will be back to rock Toronto soon.

Loren DoG


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